RPC 2220 var
RPC 2220 var

JUDAEA, Neapolis, Samaria, AE19-21 (20mm, 7.97g, 12h), dated CY 15 (86/7).


ΑΥΤΟΚ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟΣ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ ΣΕΒΑ ΓΕΡ, head laureate right; inscription in four lines, ΦΛΑ-ΟΥΙ ΝΕΑ-ΠΟΛΙ ΣΑ-ΜΑ Λ-ΕΙ, palm tree.


This coin Lindgren 2430, this coin cited RPC 2220.21, but both references with the wrong CY date, AI instead of EI, and note ΓΕΡ in obverse inscription rendering AI anachronistic, so RPC--.


Ex Ancient Imports, ex Henry Clay Lindgren coll.