RPC 2292 var
RPC 2292 var

JUDAEA, Caesarea Panias, Agrippa II, Æ19-20 (20mm, 5.01g, 12h), dated Agrippa's RY 29 (88/89, but this conversion is controversial).


ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟC ΚΑΙCΑΡ CE[B], head of Domitian laureate right; ΕΤΟ ΚΘ ΒΑCΙΛΕΟC ΑΓΡΙΠΠΑ, Nike standing right, left foot on helmet, inscribing shield resting on her knee.


Although the variant CE[B] would seem to obviate the problem, the controversy surrounding the date may render this coin ineligible for the collection.


RPC 2292 var CE[B].


Ex CNG, ex Dr Lawrence D Sporty coll., ex CNG inventory 729531 (February, 2002).