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November 4, 2018



ERE'S THE THING.  I'll be visiting Italy for a couple weeks at the end of the month and into December.  Rome first, to take a closer look at Domitian's new house on the Palatine, to check out a couple of Flavian portraits in the Vatican Museum, and (if I still have the energy) to take a little side-trip out to Domitian's Alban Villa (now a Papal retreat).  Then the long train ride to my beloved Venice, where I plan to put my feet up, eat lots of fish, and bask in the serenity.

          It was always my intention to take a little break from writing blog articles at that time anyway.  But right now I'm just so busy wrapping things up at home and at the art studio that I simply can't do justice to the rhinoceros article, which is really going to be interesting, I think.  So please come back on the 16th of December and we can continue on from there.

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