RPC 1667

This coin cited in RPC and referenced in Metcalf Caesarea Conspectus no. 21

RPC 1667
RPC 1667

AR Didrachm (22mm, 6.45g, 6h). Rome mint for distribution in CAPPADOCIA, Caesarea-Eusebia, dated RY 13 (94).


AYT KAI ΔΟMITIANOC CEBACTOC ΓΕΡΜ, head laureate right; ETO ΙΓ across field, laureate and draped half-length female bust left, holding distaff and woven plate holding fruits and grain ears, thunderbolt above.


RPC 1667 [4].  This coin RPC 1667.6, this coin Metcalf Caesarea Conspectus no. 21; Sydenham Caesaria 122.


Ex CNG, ex "the Collection of a Director," ex Kastner 12.

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