RPC 1667

A new interpretation of this coin, cited in Metcalf and RPC

RPC 1667
RPC 1667

AR Didrachm (22mm, 6.45g, 6h). Rome mint for distribution in CAPPADOCIA, Caesarea-Eusebia, dated RY 13 (94), chugh.


AYT KAI ΔΟMITIANOC CEBACTOC ΓΕΡΜ, head laureate right; ETO ΙΓ across field, half-length bust of Minerva Ergane left, olive-wreathed and draped, holding distaff in right hand and plate of olives in left, thunderbolt above.


RPC 1667 [4].  This coin RPC 1667.6, this coin Metcalf Caesarea Conspectus no. 21; Sydenham Caesaria 122.


Ex CNG, ex "the Collection of a Director," ex Kastner 12.

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