RPC 1726

SNG Levante plate coin, this coin cited RPC!

RPC 1726
RPC 1726

CILICIA, Pompeiopolis, Æ23 (24mm, 10.44 g, 12h), dated CY 152 (86/7).


Bare head of Pompey the Great right, star before; ΠΟΜΠΗΙΟΠΟΛΕΙΤWΝ BNP ΠΡ ΑΛΚAthena standing left, holding Nike and grounded shield, ΔIO AMC CM in three lines in field.


RPC 1726 [3].  This coin RPC II 1726.4, this coin SNG Levante 878; SNG France 1224 (same dies).

Ex CNG, ex RBW coll., ex Jacqiuer 37, ex Edoardo Levante coll.

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