RPC 281 dup3

Ex BCD coll.

RPC 281 dup3
RPC 281 dup3

ACHAEA, Thessalian League, AE17-19 (18mm, 3.54g, 6h), second emission.


ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟN ΚΑΙΣΑΡA ΘΕCCΑΛOI clockwise from lower left, head of Domitian laureate right, star in field; ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑN CΕΒΑCTHN clockwise from lower left, draped bust of Domitia right.


RPC 281 [7].


Ex CNG, ex BCD coll., ex Argithea area (Spring 1992, DM 85, from original BCD tag).

The weight (BCD records 3,52g) is closer to the 1/2 assarion piece.  Compare with RPC 290.

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