RPC 1262

This coin in two standard references!

RPC 1262
RPC 1262

ASIA, Phrygia, Cibyra, AE24 (24mm, 6.42g, 6h), ggjuu.


ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟC ΚΑΙCΑΡ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑ CΕΒΑCΤH, laureate head of Domitian right, facing draped bust of Domitia left; ΕΠΙ ΑΡΧΙΕΡΕΩC ΚΛΑΥ ΒΙΑΝΤΟC, ΚΙ ΒΥ, Zeus seated left holding out hand and scepter.


This coin RPC 1262.20 [19] = Lindgren & Kovacs 920


Ex CNG, ex Peter J Merani coll., ex Henry Clay Lindgren coll.

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