RIC 489 var

A GEM in the rough!

RIC 489 var
RIC 489 var

AE As (30mm, 11.85g, 6h). Rome mint, struck 86, interstitial issue, bhjdj.


IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GEM COS XII CENS PER P P, head laureate right, with aegis; IOVI CONSERV, Jupiter standing left, with thunderbolt and scepter, S C in field.


RIC 489 (R2*) var, obverse inscription GEM.                                                                                               


Ex Savoca.

Another case of curing bronze disease.  What a plague that is, either turns the coin into a heap of green dust or else it comes out looking like this after treatment!  Oops, back in treatment!  What a nightmare!

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