RPC 2774

RPC plate coin, ex Dattari coll.

RPC 2774
RPC 2774

EGYPT, Oxyrhynchite, AE Hemidrachm (29mm, 12.64g, 11h), dated RY 11 (91/2), ginmm.


ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙC ΘΕΟ ΥΙΟC ΔΟΜΙΤ CΕΒ ΓΕΡΜ, bust right, laureate or wreathed with grain; ΝΟΜΟC  ΟΞΥΡΥΝΧ(Ε)ΙΤΗC LIA, Minerva standing left, holding Nike and double axe.


RPC 2774.


Ex Naville Numismatics, ex Dattari coll.

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