RIC 590

Scarce but chewed quinarius.

RIC 590
RIC 590

AR Quinarius (15mm, 1.45g, 6h). Rome mint, struck Jan 1 - Sept 18, 88 (First Issue), yghmi.


IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VII, head laureate right; IMP XIIII COS XIII CENS P P P, Victory seated left, with wreath and palm.


RIC 590 (C), BMC 128, RSC 240.


Ex Byzantium.

Of course this could also be RIC 516 just as easily.  Perhaps one day I'll find a die match.  Until then it's a flip of a coin.  These little things are scarce too--I only own two of them, not for lack of trying--a lot scarcer than C for this one and C2(???) for the other one, RIC 599, a LVDI SAEC specimen.

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