RPC 288

Ex BCD coll., RPC plate coin!

RPC 288
RPC 288

ACHAEA, Thessalian League, AE17-19 (22mm, 5.63g, 6h), second emission, dhmug.


ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟC ΚΑΙΣΑΡ ΘΕCCΑΛWN clockwise from lower left, head of Domitian laureate right; ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝ CΕΒΑCTHN clockwise from lower left, draped bust of Domitia right.


RPC 288 [2].  This coin RPC 288.4, this coin RPC plate coin 288.


Ex CNG, ex BCD coll., ex Pr. Hz. Ked. (1975, 300 drs., from original BCD tag).

This was one of seven coins purchased in a bundled auction lot, CNG electronic auction 426, lot no. 315.  There isn't any doubt that this is the RPC plate coin 288, but it is almost certainly RPC 288.4 instead of 288.1, which is the example numbered in bold type in RPC.  I can only say "almost certainly" because all of my weights for the seven coins are slightly lower than BCD's; I attribute this to a difference in scale calibration and have adjusted accordingly when making my identifications.  On his tag BCD reported a weight of 5,68, as it states in RPC for 288.4, but then he crossed out the "8" in pencil and wrote down a "1" instead.  I am using BCD's weights for identification purposes, but I am listing my weights in the coin descriptions.  Only one of the seven coins doesn't have a weight recorded by BCD (RPC 278), and that one has a problematic identification.

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