RIC 620

RIC 620
RIC 620

AE Dupondius (29mm, 12.07g, 6h). Rome mint, struck Sept 18 - Dec 31, 88 (commemorative issue, LVD SAEC FEC), chjuh.


IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VIII CENS P P, head radiate right; COS XIIII LVD SAEC FEC, S C in exergue, Domitian standing left in chiton, sacrificing over altar; to left, victimarius slaying bull, whose head is held by kneeling figure; flute player and lyre player standing right; in background, six-column temple, wreath in pediment.


Marks of damnatio memoriae across face and neck.


RIC 620 (R2).


Ex CNG, ex the estate of Thomas Bentley Cederlind.

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