RIC 188

A rare COS X, the emperor draped, and facing left.

RIC 188
RIC 188

AR Denarius (20mm, 3.44g, 5h). Rome mint, struck 84 (Second Issue), badiu.


IMP CAES DOMITIANVS AVG GERMANIC, head laureate left, bust draped; P M TR POT III IMP V COS X P P, Flavian Minerva maquette standing left, with thunderbolt and spear, shield at her left side (M3).


RIC 188 (R2), BMC --, RSC --.


Ex Roma Numismatics.

This coin has an amazing iridescence, which appears on the image on my masthead but which I am not yet able to capture with my camera, but I will be working on it until that happens.


More about this coin in the Archives on this website, May 27, 2018, "Domitian Denarius RIC 188 and Tetradrachm RPC 1976: The coins on the masthead."

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