RPC 1769

This coin cited in Karbach and RPC!

RPC 1769
RPC 1769

CILICIA, Irenopolis, AE25 (26mm, 9.33g, 12h), dated CY 43 (93/4).


ΑΥΤΟΚΡΑΤΩΡ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟΣ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΗ, laureate head of Domitian on the left, right, facing draped bust of Domitia on the right, left, c/m Hygeia, right, snake before; ΙΡΗΝΟΠΟΛΕΙΤΩΝ ΕΤΟ ΓΜ, Tyche standing left holding rudder and cornucopiae, star in left field.


RPC 1769 [1].  This coin RPC 1769.3, this coin Karbach 17.3., c/m Howgego 195.


Ex Numismatik Naumann, ex Dr P. Vogl coll., ex Aufhäuser 7.

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