RPC 2226

Double-struck and countermark

RPC 2226
RPC 2226

JUDAEA, Sebaste, Æ23-24 (25mm, 16.07 g, 12h), dated CY 109 (81/2).


IMP DOMITIANVS CAESAR, head laureate right, c/m LXF (= Legio X Fretensis) within rectangular incuse; CEBASTHNWN, Tyche standing left, resting right foot on uncertain object, holding globe and scepter, L ΘP to upper left.


RPC 2226 [12], Rosenberger 4 (with c/m), Sofaer 1 (with c/m), SNG ANS 1068 (with c/m). For c/m, Howgego 733.





The Legio X Fretensis played a significant role during the First Jewish War and remained stationed in the region until the 4th century.

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