RPC 2728

Ex Dattari coll., cited in RPC

RPC 2728
RPC 2728

EGYPT, Alexandria, AE Drachm (33.5mm, 23.66g, 11h), dated RY 15 (95/6).


ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙC ΘEO(Y) YIOC ΔΟΜΙΤ CΕΒ ΓΕΡΜ, head of Domitian laureate right; LIE, triumphal arch with three passageways, on top of the arch the emperor in facing chariot drawn by six horses with trophies to either side, pediment decorated with two inward-facing Nikes, a statue above each of the two side passageways.


RPC 2728 [9].  This coin cited RPC 2728.4, this coin Dattari 545.


Ex Naville Numismatics, ex Dattari coll.

Naville Numismatics's catalog description includes this--

Kleiner in NC 1989 describes this monument as "Domitian's arch on the coins of Alexandria surpasses all the earlier examples in the richness of its Attic statuary but the depicted arch was in Rome and not in Alexandria and it did not survive Domitian's damnatio memoriae.

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