RPC 278

Ex BCD coll.

RPC 278
RPC 278

ACHAEA, Thessalian League, AE17-19 (19mm, 7.04g, 7h), first emission.


ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟΝ ΚΑΙΣΑΡΑ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΙ counter-clockwise from lower right, head of Domitian laureate right; ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝ ΣΕΒΑΣΣTHN counter-clockwise from lower right, draped bust of Domitia right.


RPC 278 [14].


Ex CNG, ex BCD coll., ex Thessaly (Nov. 97, SFr 50, from original BCD tag).

I am not entirely satisfied with this identification; it could also be RPC 277.  I assigned it RPC 278 since that is the more common variety--don't think zebras when you hear hoofbeats.  However if I ever come across a matching die I will make the definitive determination at that time.  BCD doesn't record a weight for this coin.  

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